Monday, October 6, 2008


What an inspiring conference weekend. I loved the talk by President Monson on change, and living in the moment. Obviously with the recent loss of my Grandpa I've had to adjust to that change. And although it's been very difficult I know with time it will get easier. I'm very thankful for the knowledge I have through the gospel that I will be able to see him again one day.

Living in the moment is definitly something I think everyone struggles with on occasion. I wish I could have had one more hug, one more conversation, one more kiss with my Grandpa. But it helps me realize now that I really need to cherish the relationships that I have. My Dad and I haven't always had the closest relationship and I've felt that my Grandpa's passing has helped bring us closer. I want to make sure that if he were to be gone tomorrow that I wouldn't have any regrets. We all need to cherish our relationships more each day.

The ways of the world will always make you think you need something bigger and better and this talk reminded me that I need to be grateful for the things that I have now. I really am so blessed and I need to continually be thankful to my Father in Heaven for all that I've been given.

What was your favorite talk this weekend?


Joe and Rindi said...

I LOVE CONFERENCE! Did you take that picture it's gorgeous! Anyway, I love the talk by Pres. Monson and I also LOVED LOVED LOVED the talk from Jeffrey R. Holland. So sweet! Maybe it's the mom in me but the story about the little boy that was stuck across the river and prayed for an angel made me bawl! I'm glad you posted something about conference! It's so important!

Jessie said...


No, I didn't take that picture. I wish! Thanks for sharing your favorite talk!