Sunday, January 11, 2009

$224 eye candy

After an unfortunate accident by Darin with one of these at Macaroni Grill.....
He bought me some new ones of these.....

And then I treated him to 8th row seats at the Jazz/Pistons game.

Who am I kidding? It was really a treat for me so that I could look at this kid up close.

I just barely missed the picture of Iverson slappin Kyle on the butt. C'mon, do ya blame the guy?

Sloan eventually had to pull Kyle out of the game because he wouldn't stop checking me out. He was missing a lot of shots......Oh wait, I think that was in my dream last night. But really he didn't play that much because we blew the pistons out of the water.

Honestly, Korver may not even be THAT hot, but you put him next to Kirilenko and Okur and the kid looks like a God.

Well, on second thought, he's probably just hot.

I know a lot of you might be thinking "How can you sit there and talk about how hot Kyle Korver is when you're married?" Don't worry people, Darin got his fair share of oogling in that night. And they were way more scantily dressed than my subject.

So was it worth the $224 I paid for the tickets? You bet it was!


ATH79 said...

That is awesome!! Your pictures look great. I'll have to make the splurge myself sometime.

Lindsey said...

What incredible seats! I have to agree on the Korver love. He's a definite hottie.