Monday, October 4, 2010


I suppose it's about time for a new post. We've spent the last four days spending time with my Grandma. She was staying at our house while my Aunt Pam (who she lives with) was on vacation. Since my Grandpa died two years ago she hasn't quite been able to keep it all together. Living by herself was out of the question because she kept forgetting to take her pills and she couldn't figure out how to pump her own gas or pay the bills.

It breaks my heart because when I lost my Grandpa, I kind of lost my Grandma too. She's just not quite the same person she used to be. I still absolutely love and adore her obviously, but I miss the talkative person she used to be.

I'm glad we were able to spend some time with her. She absolutely adored being with Nora and Nora loved having a 24/7 floor friend to play with.

She helped me clean the house, doing all the things I hate doing. Dusting the TV stand (she spent a full hour on this) and dusting the kitchen table and chairs (another hour). I don't think they'd ever looked so clean.

Some of the things she says now just crack me up. She pulled out her wallet and asked me to check and see if she had enough money to buy us lunch and dinner today. I opened it up and pulled out a wad about an inch thick. 100 dollar bill, a few 50's, several 20's and who even knows how many 10's 5's and 1's.

I think there's enough there Grandma.