Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Story

How is it that even though I only work half as much as I used to (9-1 instead of 9-5) that it seems like I have even less time to get things done? I know the's because I cause work for myself to do. I don't mean to, I just hate being idle.

I also think it's because I still feel guilty being at home while Darin is at work all day, even though more than half my time is spent cleaning the house and doing laundry. I'm lucky to have a husband that loves me enough to see that being home more makes me a happier person and a better wife (and future mommy).

So yes, I asked the question and then just went ahead and answered it myself. I just had to put it out there, because I know if I feel like there's not enough time for things now I'm sure it only gets 500 times worse when a kid enters the picture.

SOOOO...... I've completely been putting off writing this story. But I need to, for my records, because I don't want to forget a single story or face or comment about how this all came about. So go ahead and buckle your seat belts, because we're in for a long, descriptive and probably TMI ride.

First week of March 2009

I head to my gynecologist office for an annual checkup and to get a recommendation for a new type of birth control pill. I haven't been taking the pill for the last two years because I really hated the way it made me feel during our first year of marriage. Normally I get the standard question of "You haven't been using contraceptives the last two years of your marriage?!?!" No, my friends, we'd just resorted to the good old love gloves.

But every month my period would roll around and I would be reminded of why the pill was so wonderful. It prevented me from writhing on the shower floor in so much pain I thought my life was going to end, and after two years of it I decided to head to the doctor and try a new kind of pill to help out with it. I figured I'd get a years prescription and then we could think about trying for a baby around the spring or summer of the next year.

So I walk out of the doctors office with my shiny new prescription and headed to fill it at the pharmacy. Of course, OF COURSE, it's one of the most expensive birth controls and I spend $50 dollars on my new pack of Loestrin 24. YIPEE.

So I waited for my next period to start (I had my last around the 15th of February) and then I waited some more and then I waited a little longer. I wasn't too concerned. I have longer cycles than most, around 35 days. But soon enough it was March 31 and I was more than a couple weeks late. So on my way home from work I stopped at Wal Mart and bought an Equate test. I went home, did the whole pee on the stick thing, and waited for the minus sign to show up. But it didn't. About 3 seconds after I took it the positive sign showed up on the screen. So I sat there staring at it forever, and then I somehow rationalized in my head that there was no POSSIBLE way that I could be pregnant. I mean we were pretty faithful in our use of ahem, protection. I mead he'd never.....well anyway. I decided that since it was an equate test that it was low quality and wasn't reliable. Did I mention that Darin was in Canada on business until the following night? Oh, well he was.

My mom was driving in from Vegas that night. So, I stopped at Wal Mart, bought a box with two First Responses (the reliable test) and went to meet my mom for dinner and errands. Honestly, I didn't even think about it for the rest of the night. Mom and I ran around town and got back to my house around 9:30. I told her I was going to hit the shower and would be right back out. I went in, turned the shower on, and grabbed my pretty pink box. I did the whole thing again, and 2 minutes later a little yes showed up on my digital screen.
Oh my gosh. OH MY GOSH. I'm pregnant?? I'M PREGNANT. Holy freak. Wow, ok so I sat and stared at it for at least five minutes and then I thought "Darins not even here". He doesn't get back until tomorrow. Am I going to tell my Mom before I even tell Darin? No....YES I can't just stand in here knowing this and not say anything. So I turn off the shower and run out. "MOM? Where are you?" She's peeing. We aren't a very discreet family. So I walk in the bathroom and the only thing I can think of to say is "Here, pee on this." And I hand her my test. She takes it, stares at it for a good 30 seconds and looks up at me. "You're pregnant!?!?!" Ummm ya, I guess so. I don't even remember how she got off the pot. All I know is the next minute we were hugging and crying. She said she didn't even realize what it was. She couldn't figure out why I wanted her to pee on a digital thermometer. Haha, oh how I love my mom. So we sat and talked for the next hour about how shocked we were and how I couldn't believe it, and how she couldn't believe her baby was going to have a baby. I'm really glad I got to share that with her.

The next morning I woke up and took my last test "just to be sure". I don't know how I still doubted it at this point. We pondered how I was going to break the news to Darin. That day was April Fools and I kind of figured he wouldn't believe me no matter what I did, so I went with something simple. We cleared the kitchen counter of everything except my 3 positive tests, and I waited nervously for him to come home around 11:30 that night.

Oh my dear, sweet, completely oblivious husband. He walks in, sets his stuff on the counter RIGHT NEXT TO THE TESTS, and proceeds to tell us a story about the airplane. We listen and laugh at all the right parts and laugh because he's been standing next to them for two minutes without taking notice. He walks over sits down on the couch next to me and finally says "What?" because my mom and I are snickering and my mom keeps mouthing "Do you want me to tell him?" Finally my mom says "Darin, I think there's something on the counter for you." He walks over, looks at them, and says "I guess that explains why you're so late." He doesn't show his emotions well. He comes over, gives me a big hug as I cry and blubber all over him and we tell him the adventures of the last two days.

So that's it. There are other stories I want to tell about our families and how we told them, but I'll save them for another time when you haven't fallen asleep reading.

It's still hard to believe it's in there. I'm finishing up my first trimester and I haven't thrown up yet. I've been so lucky. Just tired and so hungry. We heard the little heartbeat for the first time on Tuesday and all I could say was "Wow, I guess it's really in there." It's amazing how Heavenly Father has a plan for us and he follows it even if we don't think we're ready for it. I was ready to go back on birth control and we were thinking of a baby in a couple years, but now I can just picture Heavenly Father up there sayin, "Oh no you don't."

We're excited, and we're grateful that everything has gone well so far. And if you've made it all the way to the end here, I praise you. Good job.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Cha Cha Cha....Charmin

So...the other night I sat down to go pee. I looked over, and to my dismay there was no toilet paper. Now let me explain a couple facts about this scenerio before I go on.

a) We weren't completely out of toilet paper. There was some just down the hall in the linen closet.

b) Darin was home, so it's not like I had to drip dry or run down the hall with my butt out to get some.

So I called for Darin. "Darin we're out of toilet paper in here!"

And then.....

I started bawling. Intense, hiccuping bawling. It was only for a minute. By the time Darin got back with the toilet paper I was fine. He handed it to me and I said, "Wow, that was really strange. I knew we had toilet paper, and I knew you were getting some for me but for some reason I just started hysterically crying." He consoled me while rolling his eyes and we went on with our lives from there.

Now, I tell this story, not because I want to give you some awkward image of me going to the bathroom or anything like that; but because it's the explanation for one of three options. Take your pick on which it is.

1) I'm pregnant.

2) I'm a freak.

3) I'm pregnant.

Happy guessing!

Monday, May 11, 2009

St. George Anniversary

We celebrated our 3 year anniversary on the 6th. We were planning on going to St. George, and then we found out the rest of Darins family was deciding to go too. So we all packed up and headed down there for a long weekend. Boy oh boy was it nice. 85 degree weather. Cloudy on our hiking day. Good food. Swimming. My kind of weekend.Oh my dorky husband. He forgot to take old sneakers. All he had were his brand new $70 skechers. I told him if he got them dirty that I'd murder him, so he came up with this solution. It worked, and he only got a few weird glances on the trail.

Every day I wake up and I'm so grateful to be where I'm at in my life. Darin is the best. I could not ask for a better husband. I mean what other guy wakes his wife up every morning with a back scratch? Well maybe a few others, but I'm so grateful for mine. He's continually teaching me new things. I'm so excited for what the future holds for us and I look forward to so many more years. I love you sweetie.

Gardner Village Afternoon

Nicole--Thank you so much for coming and spending the afternoon with me.

It was such a beautiful day and I really loved getting to know your sweet kids a little better. The outfits you chose for the girls were just perfect.

As my first "paying customer" I must say I'm really honored that you find my work something worth paying for. :)

I hope there are a few that you love! I definitely loved doing them.

Thanks for the yummy cookie. It was great to sit and talk with you for a few minutes without a camera glued to my face.

Nothing was better than Jillian and Harrison's reaction when we took their suckers away. Priceless.

Thanks again for the great afternoon!