Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Yes, it's another...

post about Nora. Do you ever expect anything else at this point? A lot has gone on since the last time I posted. We went to her 4 month appointment a week ago. She weighs 10 lbs 3 oz and is 24.25 inches long. She's only in the first percentile for weight. And the fifty second for height. She's so tiny. The doctor said he wasn't concerned because she's gained two pounds since her last appointment, she's just thin.

She HATED the shots and screamed for a good five minutes. It broke my heart. Luckily there was something there to mend the seams. I caught her laughing for the third time on video. I can honestly say I don't think I've felt that kind of joy before. It is the sweetest thing. See for yourself.

I love her.

We also fed her cereal for the first time. She opened up just fine to get the food inside but it didn't stay in there long. I haven't been too persistent in it because she doesn't seem all that interested yet.

I was reading on a friends blog about how her little baby boy is 10 months and she can't believe how fast the time  has gone by. It literally made me sad to think that someday (soon) Nora is going to be 10 months. I mean, it really is so fun watching her do and learn new things, but I just want her to stay my tiny baby forever.

(I would totally recommend the Baby Bjorn for anyone that likes to get things accomplished with a baby. Nora would recommend it to. She thinks it's comfy.)

I got my business license and tax ID and everything for my photography business. There's no turning back now. I'm so excited about it. I've learned so much over the winter and can't wait to start applying all of it to my pictures.

Darin has been doing such a good job on the basement. We just had it sheetrocked and just have all the finish work left. New studio, here I come!

I'm glad Summer is getting closer. I can't wait to do all the Summery things with Nora.

We're busy around here and life couldn't be better.

That's all.

Friday, March 19, 2010

A wish and what I ended up with.

Darin came home two Tuesdays ago and said that he had to go to Australia for work. He said he really wanted me to go but didn't know what we would do with Nora. There was no way I was going anywhere without her, so we tried to find a place that could expedite her passport (why do babies need passports anyway? do they think she's going to go bomb the country?) and we found a place but they had to have the itinerary. Well we weren't too keen on spending $1,200 on a plane ticket without knowing FOR SURE that we would get her passport. So I cried and boobed about how bad I needed a vacation and how my life wasn't fair yadda yadda.

So I decided to g to Vegas. I know it's not a conventional place to take a 4 month old but it was a close place with sun and my mom lives there. So we packed up the car and got ready to drive down with Grandma. The drive was nothing short of a nightmare. Nora HATES the car. There were lots and lots of tears involved.

What would normally be a 5 and a half hour drive took closer to 7 and a half. There were a few stops involved.

Darin got us a room at the MGM so we would have a pool to hang out at. We had a nice view of Hooters and the airport.

I sure got a lot of comments on Nora from people in the hotel. One guy even went as far to say that she was the cutest baby he'd seen since he'd been there. I kind of wanted to say that it was probably the only baby he'd seen since he'd been there. But she is adorable, so I couldn't deny the remark.

(Can't count on my Mom to take a decent picture with my camera. I need a point and shoot)
(My new favorite picture)

It was so fun dressing her in all her little summer clothes.

But obviously the main attraction of the trip was the fun in the sun. And man was it HOT! 80 degrees and perfect temp water. I was in total Heaven. And Nora liked it too.

She lounged around in the sun.

Took dips in the pool with Mom.

And then pretty much got all tuckered out.

I've got to say she was probably the cutest girl at the pool in her swimsuit. Hands down.

But at the end of the day we were excited to come home and see Darin. Nora missed her Daddy and I missed my man. Sometimes there's nothing better than lounging on the couch over the weekend.

The trip got me even more excited for Summer than I already was. It was a nice getaway. I can't say it was too relaxing, because nothing is that relaxing anymore. But it was a nice change of pace.  Thanks for hanging with us Mom.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Love and Stuff

We spent the last couple of nights celebrating the love of my cousin to her great fiance, Sterling. They had a fun rehearsal dinner with delicious food. Their wedding last night was beautiful. They're so in love..in fact it's a little bit nauseating. But, it does make me think of Darin.
It makes me think how much I'm in love with Darin and how far we've come since we got married almost 4 years ago. I'm so happy with the life we've created. We're healthy and happy. We have a beautiful daughter that makes my life complete every single day.

On a less serious note, I've been shopping. And I'm definitely not the only one around here dreaming of Summer. I can't get Nora to take off her swimsuit.

And when she's not running around the house in her swimsuit she's playing with her toys.

In fact, she plays so hard that she falls asleep mid grab.

I've been busy crafting stuff in my down time.

We've got some fun stuff going on next week. See ya back here then!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Sleepy Silly Girl

I can't believe how much Nora's demeanor has changed in the last week or so. She's gone from whiny and fussy to laid back and happy. It's amazing the transformation. She hardly cries anymore and is so smiley all the time. She's learning to entertain herself with toys and it's so exciting seeing her learning new things.

But the funniest thing she's been doing lately is her sleeping habits. She used to only be able to fall asleep in one certain position, and that's if I was holding her with her right arm looped up under my arm and her other arm resting on my chest. It's the ONLY way she would fall asleep. She was never the baby that would fall asleep on your shoulder or laying on your chest.

But she's finally starting to fall asleep in other positions. This last weekend Darin was doing some chores around the house while holding her and he looked down and she was zonked. It was the first time she had EVER done this. We laughed and laughed.

Since then she's started doing it a lot. Silly sleepy girl.

I'm loving all the blue skies as of late.

It was so nice today. I have the worst SPRING FEVER. Winter, please go away, SOON!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Some things I've been doing...

When I get a spare moment, which is a little more often nowadays, I work on crafts. I finished this cute little decoration for Nora's room and it only took me about an hour.

I also finished these two cute little onesie dresses. One for my niece and one for Nora. I love how they turned out. I mean, as long as I don't look too close at the stitching or anything..

Doesn't she look so sweet? I know she's still small but isn't she kind of starting to look like a little girl?

I also totally revamped my photography blog. It took two days but I love how it turned out.

I did a newborn session for my friend, Jessica.

She was just the cutest little thing. So sleepy.

Check out more of the pictures at my photography blog.

But of course the majority of my time is still spent on this sweet thing. It's finally getting to where I can put her down for 30 minutes and she can entertain herself. It's so nice. My arms are starting to become my own again.

Yanno how when you're sleep deprived everything becomes funny? I was putting on her onesie the other morning and I was having a hard time getting it over her big noggin. I couldn't help but snap a pic, and I seriously sat there and laughed by myself for a good ten minutes. She finally smiled but I'm sure she was probably thinking "Can you stop laughing and put my clothes on?".

Gosh, I love her.