Thursday, December 29, 2011


Some of the things I don't want to forget about Christmas this year.

How excited Nora got every time she saw Santa Claus.

I thought she'd be too young still to understand it but she really embraced him and was never scared around him.

The reaction from Grandma Graham when she opened the Grandchildren's gift to them.

Was so touching that something so small could mean so much to them.
It was very, very humbling.

I look forward to each Christmas when we can get a shot with them. They're such wonderful people and I want to be sure we have photographs to look back on.

 Nora's first train ride on Trax.
She was so excited to ride on the choo choo and sat like a big girl on her seat most the time.

 Seeing the lights in Temple Square. Nora wasn't too fond.
I don't blame her.

Just the sheer excitement over things we would do. Frost a cookie, open a present, find the Elf each morning.
Having a kid really helps bring the magic back to Christmas.

 After a jam packed exhausting Christmas Eve day, just being able to sit down with Darin and talk. Setting up everything just so and being so excited to see her face the next morning.

How she would open a present, take a quick look and then hold up a finger and say "One more!".
She had the unwrapping down pat.

 The moment we opened her new pink shoes she had to have her jammies off so she could try them out.

 Same with the dress my Grandma got her.

The joy of the mess.
Will try better next year to let the mess linger a little longer.
It really is kind of a beautiful sight.

As much as I wanted to get the mess cleaned up and the Christmas put away, I was a little bit depressed boxing it all up. Nora couldn't understand why we were putting the Christmas tree away and where her Elf went. We did so many fun things each day revolving around Christmas, and now we've got nothin'. :)

It could at least snow. It is Winter after all.

One of my favorite parts about the Season is the Christmas Break that Darin gets off of work. From Christmas Eve to the day after New Years. We get to sit around the house together, watch movies, complete projects and just be together as a family. It's refreshing.

Excited for the New Year and all the possibilities it brings.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas Stuff

We had the elf come to our house for the first time this year. We've just been calling him Elf because I felt bad naming him, and Nora doesn't understand that concept yet. She loves finding him each morning and calls him Sneaky Elf.

 He brought her a new Christmas dress to wear for all our special occasions. I literally have to hide it because she wants to wear it every single day.

She adores Santa and was so excited to see him at our ward Christmas party. She waited patiently in her seat and watched him visit all the other kids until he got to us. I wasn't sure if she'd love him as much in real life but she did. Darin said he could tell she was nervous because her little heart was beating so fast.

But she took her candy cane and even sat on his lap for a picture.

I can't believe how fast December has gone. Christmas is only a week and a half away. I can't wait to see her sweet little face on Christmas morning.

What ways do you help your young children understand the true meaning of Christmas? How do you incorporate Christ into your Holidays?

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Not much to say.....

Just wanted to share these pictures from the first snow we had back on November 5. It was the first time Nora had seen snow since last year which I'm sure she didn't remember. It's so fun seeing the wonder in your child's eyes as they discover something new. As soon as she saw it she yelled "COAT ON". She just had to go outide and discover it for herself.

Then she touched it.

We weren't outside for long after that.

Mom, I'm cold and a little bored. Can we head inside now?

Sunday, December 4, 2011


I truly never thought I'd do a character themed birthday party. Then your kid falls in love with something and you truly don't care if it's cheesy. You just want to do what makes them happy!

(I used this balloon banner tutorial. It was a little time consuming but pretty easy to do.)

And she did love it. We just did immediate family this year. She really doesn't do that great in huge crowds so I wanted to make it intimate for her so she could play and enjoy herself.

I saw a picture for these hats online and just figured out how to make them myself. Even though none of the kids would really wear them they were one of my favorite parts of the party.

 And isn't the cake fabulous? It tasted delicious too. Thanks Angie!

She's been getting along and playing so cute with her cousins on both side of our family. She's extremely lucky to have such good friends.

 Oh and where do I even begin in explaning how much I love this sweet little thing? She's such a ball of energy. Such a girly girl already. She loves dress ups, dancing, princesses and just about any other thing that sweet little girls usually love.

 And she's just so stinking smart. Sometimes she says things and I just can't believe I have this little child that can say these things. Asking questions, singing songs, saying excuse me every time she burps. :)

She's definitely a sass though. No doubt about that. She's not shy to share her discomfort and she does it often. It's her party and she'll cry if she wants to, right?

I love you my sweet 21 pound peanut!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Muffin Tin Advent Calendars

I don't have much time for crafting anymore but I really, really love making these so I carved out some time to do it this year. I can't wait to pull mine out and use it with Nora. I'm planning on filling each spot with a small treat, a scripture, or a coupon to do something fun (like visit Santa, or build a gingerbread house). I think every kid loves a countdown to Christmas. I remember loving even the cheap ones you buy from the grocery store.

I have two of this style available for purchase.

I have the supplies to make one more of this style.

They are $25 and include the muffin tin. Great for yourself or for a family gift exchange. Send me a comment if you're interested.