Wednesday, May 30, 2012


 We've had a few years of camping that have just not been super pleasant. I know I enjoy camping but with some of the experiences we've had, I was starting to not trust my own judgement.

As we drove and got closer to the mountains of where we would be staying and started driving down the dirt road to our spot I was super excited to see this.

Yep, snow.

We thought it would pass quickly but alas, it lasted through the night and into the next day. We slept in a tent in freezing temps with a two year old. If that's not persistence I don't know what is.

And I'm so glad we waited it out because after it finally passed it was so so beautiful. Nice to get away from phones, computers, TV's.

Just spend time with the people we love.

My favorite had to be how excited Nora got to see and hear the woodpeckers. We went on numerous walks to find the "woodpeppers" and she'd get so excited. She loved going through Lehman caves too. We would be standing in one of the cave rooms listening to the tour guide and she would try to wait so patiently. As soon as the tour guide would say we were moving on to the next room she would scream, "YAY"! My girl is not one for waiting.

 Refreshing to spend some time away from home. Can't believe how good the kids were and what a good time we had. I'm actually looking forward to our next camping trip for once.