Friday, January 14, 2011

Is anyone....

Is anyone still thinking about Christmas?

I know it seems like it's been ages since jolly old Saint Nick was in town, but I feel like I must post some Christmas pictures to feel complete. Because, yanno, there isn't a million other things I could, and probably should, be doing.

Nora prepping to make her debut as a Nativity Angel.

Darin's sweet sweet Grandparents. I always feel like it's such a pain to try and gather people up for pictures at family parties. But I know when they've passed I'm going to cherish this picture so much.

Can't make it through the day without a little pick me up. (Seriously, I cannot even imagine the massive amounts of energy this girl would have if she drank one of these.) (I may have nightmares about it tonight.)

Can you even believe how insanely cute this Santa Clause is that paid us a visit at our annual Christmas Eve party? Nora didn't even cry when he held her. She's such a friendly little tyke.

Christmas morning. I was surprised how into it Nora was this year. I wasn't expecting too much out of her, but she really loved opening all her presents and had many squeals of delight.

Then we headed to Darins parents house. Doesn't she look like a true to life angel in her little white outfit?

Now, here's where it gets good. Nora is still a 2 nap a dayer. 10 and 2. Same every day. So considering it was around 11 by this point, I was just counting down to the Melt Down.

In 3-2-1......

(Marshmallow, from Daddy's Marshmallow shooting gun he was gifted.)

Why am I such a bad mother? Instead of comforting my obviously exhausted child, I just sit and snap pictures instead. I'm feeling guilty.

These were the only pictures I got on New Year's Eve. But they sum up the night well. Games, games, and more games.

I'm not sure how this year could get any better than last year. I enjoy every minute I get to spend with Nora (well most every minute). She's getting so smart and funny. When I say cow, she says moo. When I say duck, she says quack. When I say kittie, she says meow. When I say fetch, she does it.

Just kidding on that last one, but truely this girl brings me more happiness than I know what to do with. Now, can we get some Summer around here? I'm extremely tired of the cold already.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Up and running....

Check out my new photography website and blog!

Never a post without a picture!