Thursday, December 29, 2011


Some of the things I don't want to forget about Christmas this year.

How excited Nora got every time she saw Santa Claus.

I thought she'd be too young still to understand it but she really embraced him and was never scared around him.

The reaction from Grandma Graham when she opened the Grandchildren's gift to them.

Was so touching that something so small could mean so much to them.
It was very, very humbling.

I look forward to each Christmas when we can get a shot with them. They're such wonderful people and I want to be sure we have photographs to look back on.

 Nora's first train ride on Trax.
She was so excited to ride on the choo choo and sat like a big girl on her seat most the time.

 Seeing the lights in Temple Square. Nora wasn't too fond.
I don't blame her.

Just the sheer excitement over things we would do. Frost a cookie, open a present, find the Elf each morning.
Having a kid really helps bring the magic back to Christmas.

 After a jam packed exhausting Christmas Eve day, just being able to sit down with Darin and talk. Setting up everything just so and being so excited to see her face the next morning.

How she would open a present, take a quick look and then hold up a finger and say "One more!".
She had the unwrapping down pat.

 The moment we opened her new pink shoes she had to have her jammies off so she could try them out.

 Same with the dress my Grandma got her.

The joy of the mess.
Will try better next year to let the mess linger a little longer.
It really is kind of a beautiful sight.

As much as I wanted to get the mess cleaned up and the Christmas put away, I was a little bit depressed boxing it all up. Nora couldn't understand why we were putting the Christmas tree away and where her Elf went. We did so many fun things each day revolving around Christmas, and now we've got nothin'. :)

It could at least snow. It is Winter after all.

One of my favorite parts about the Season is the Christmas Break that Darin gets off of work. From Christmas Eve to the day after New Years. We get to sit around the house together, watch movies, complete projects and just be together as a family. It's refreshing.

Excited for the New Year and all the possibilities it brings.


holly said...

I think the last shot is my favorite! Nothing like a fancy dress with tennies on to cook up a mean meal! Cute little Nora :)