Sunday, December 4, 2011


I truly never thought I'd do a character themed birthday party. Then your kid falls in love with something and you truly don't care if it's cheesy. You just want to do what makes them happy!

(I used this balloon banner tutorial. It was a little time consuming but pretty easy to do.)

And she did love it. We just did immediate family this year. She really doesn't do that great in huge crowds so I wanted to make it intimate for her so she could play and enjoy herself.

I saw a picture for these hats online and just figured out how to make them myself. Even though none of the kids would really wear them they were one of my favorite parts of the party.

 And isn't the cake fabulous? It tasted delicious too. Thanks Angie!

She's been getting along and playing so cute with her cousins on both side of our family. She's extremely lucky to have such good friends.

 Oh and where do I even begin in explaning how much I love this sweet little thing? She's such a ball of energy. Such a girly girl already. She loves dress ups, dancing, princesses and just about any other thing that sweet little girls usually love.

 And she's just so stinking smart. Sometimes she says things and I just can't believe I have this little child that can say these things. Asking questions, singing songs, saying excuse me every time she burps. :)

She's definitely a sass though. No doubt about that. She's not shy to share her discomfort and she does it often. It's her party and she'll cry if she wants to, right?

I love you my sweet 21 pound peanut!


Adrienne said...

Looks like fun. You did a great job. Happy Birthday Nora!

Heidi said...

JESS, what a cute CUTE party!! I'm happy to hear Nora had a great birthday! I can barely believe she is TWO, I vividly remember the day I learned of her coming!!! ;) Sure love you guys! x0x0

Carrie and Jesse said...

I still can't believe how small she is. She is so pretty. We are definitly getting old if we have 2 year olds. You are quite the little decorator. Looked like an awesome party!