Monday, March 8, 2010

Sleepy Silly Girl

I can't believe how much Nora's demeanor has changed in the last week or so. She's gone from whiny and fussy to laid back and happy. It's amazing the transformation. She hardly cries anymore and is so smiley all the time. She's learning to entertain herself with toys and it's so exciting seeing her learning new things.

But the funniest thing she's been doing lately is her sleeping habits. She used to only be able to fall asleep in one certain position, and that's if I was holding her with her right arm looped up under my arm and her other arm resting on my chest. It's the ONLY way she would fall asleep. She was never the baby that would fall asleep on your shoulder or laying on your chest.

But she's finally starting to fall asleep in other positions. This last weekend Darin was doing some chores around the house while holding her and he looked down and she was zonked. It was the first time she had EVER done this. We laughed and laughed.

Since then she's started doing it a lot. Silly sleepy girl.

I'm loving all the blue skies as of late.

It was so nice today. I have the worst SPRING FEVER. Winter, please go away, SOON!


Shell said...

What a little doll, Jess! It is so fun when they start to get so much personality! All those positions are hilarious! I'm w/ you on the spring fever...just be grateful you're not in Logan:(

the hopkins said...

haha she is so darling ain all of her sleeping positions! She's getting so big! I'm glad she's more laid back now, for you sake. So I LOVE the dresses you made below!! Did you use a pattern or just make it up? I think I want to attempt making some!...

Mark and Racquel Stallings said...

OH I want to meet her and snuggle her seriously. I was getting ready to send out invites for Chelsey's baby shower and had your address but wanted to make sure it was the right one. Can you email me your current address so I can be sure to get you out one. Thanks, I hope you can make it so I can hold that little girl of yours.

The Fords said...

What a cutie! I love the sky picture to! You take AWESOME pics!