Monday, May 11, 2009

Gardner Village Afternoon

Nicole--Thank you so much for coming and spending the afternoon with me.

It was such a beautiful day and I really loved getting to know your sweet kids a little better. The outfits you chose for the girls were just perfect.

As my first "paying customer" I must say I'm really honored that you find my work something worth paying for. :)

I hope there are a few that you love! I definitely loved doing them.

Thanks for the yummy cookie. It was great to sit and talk with you for a few minutes without a camera glued to my face.

Nothing was better than Jillian and Harrison's reaction when we took their suckers away. Priceless.

Thanks again for the great afternoon!


Nicole said...

Oh Jessie, Thank you, thank you!! I LOVE them! You are so talented and do such a great job. Thank u for taking the time. It was fun to see and talk to you.

Cardwell said...

These are D.A.R.L.I.N.G!!! Good job, Jess!

BTW - Happy anniversary!!!