Monday, October 13, 2008

Birthday Book

Was looking for a book I can write birthdays in so I never forget and came upon this SUPER CUTE idea by Beth Price. Can't wait to get into my house so I can start working on some fun projects like this one!

Birthday Book Instructions
Supplies for the book:

2 sheets (12x12) patterned paper for the cover size 8 ¼ x 6 ½ inches
2 pieces of chipboard or cardboard size 8 ¼ x 6 ½ inches
6 sheets (12x12) double-sided patterned paper – note that thicker weight paper works best
1 sheet white or vanilla card stock
6 index/page tabs
Calendar stamp (optional)

Adhere pattern paper for cover to chipboard and set aside. Do not embellish the front yet, you will want to do that after it has been bound.
With each of the double-sided sheets of paper, measure and crease 4 inches from the bottom on the horizontal.
Fold the 4 inches up. Now your paper is 8 inches tall. Fold the 8 inch tall paper in half vertically, so that the pockets are on the outside of the fold. Your pages should be 8 inches tall and 6 inches wide with pockets on the outside front and back.
Place your book covers on front and back, and have them bound at the local office supply store. You should tell the store that you need over-sized binding, to give the book room for expansion as you add cards.
Cut the plain white or vanilla card stock into 3x4 inch squares for the reminder cards on the pocket for each month. Print or stamp a calendar on each card. I used a calendar stamp, but you could also print a small calendar using your computer and clip art.
Cut slots in the pockets of your book and insert reminder cards. Add the names of all birthdays for that month. I circled each date so I could see at one glance when I need to be getting them in the mail.
Create index tabs for consecutive 2 months. So the first would be Jan-Feb, then Mar-Apr, and so on. Add those to the edge of your pocket pages.
Embellish the front of your book, and add cards!


Lindsey said...

Hi Jessica & Darrin. This is your cousin Lindsey (Rob's wife). I saw your link on Christian and Emily's blog. Maybe we will actually get to know more about each other through blogging! Hope to see you at Emily's shower on Saturday.

Greg and Ky said...

That is such a cute book! I totally need to make one of those. I have such a hard time remembering Birthdays! Thanks for the idea!