Thursday, February 5, 2009

Birthdays are like farting.....

Sometimes they stink, but you still want to enjoy your own.
I know that's so disgusting. But when I saw that card I just had to get it for Darin's birthday. So funny!

Darin got a golf 10 pass to use all summer. He's so talented. I would love for him to practice a lot this summer and enter a tournament near the end of the summer.

I treated Darin to dinner for his birthday. I made him clam chowder (his favorite soup) and we had chocolate fondue for dessert. Yes, that is a bottle of brandy in the picture above. I made my first visit to the liquor store to buy the brandy for the fondue. I thought about acting like I was already drunk upon entering the store but decided that probably wouldn't be a good idea. So instead I just thought about being drunk as I wondered around the store looking for what I needed, and gave myself quite a laugh anyway.

I probably could have made the fondue without the Brandy but it was more fun this way. I felt like a real adult after that experience. :)


the madsen family said...

oh my heck, that is why we are best friends. that fart joke made me laugh so hard, it probably made me day!!!