Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Why do I subject myself to this?

I told my Mom she wasn't allowed to come to Utah anymore, because it's just too much work.

You would have thought after the tomatoes that we would have been bottled out, but apparently we're crazier than I give us credit for.

When I got off work Friday we headed over the the farmers market to pick up the things we'd need for the salsa. But could we stop there? Of course not. In the mean time we decided to go spend an hour picking all of the raspberries out of my Grandpas garden so we could bottle raspberry jam. That was the easy part though. We spent an hour or so Friday night bottling 12 half pints of raspberry jam. And boy, oh boy, is it good.

Then we spent from 11:30am to 9:30pm Saturday bottling all of this lovely salsa. It's so delicious too. Even though it's A LOT of work, it's so gratifying to know that we did all of this ourselves, it's fresh, and it's so tasty.

And don't worry, we put Darin to work while we were bottling.My pregnant self was tired of bending down in the food storage room (or is that just my lazy self?) so I assigned Darin to building shelves. He knocked it out in a day and they look so great. I love my talented husband.

After a long day of salsa we thought we needed a reward. So we treated ourselves to massages.

Mom, you can come back again..... as long as you don't have any more bottling ideas. Thanks for teaching me the ins and outs of bottling!


melissa-brad said...

jess, promise after looking at this post, i made brad come over and read this post-mostly for the shelves.

i really am so impressed with your little fam so far. you guys are so crafty! i just have been loving all your little projects lately. the canning was inspiring to get off my bumb and do something. ha! all your hard work i'm sure is paying off already!

Anonymous said...

Woo hoo!!!! I'm glad I get to come back for a visit!!! So up next is..........pickles?!

Love you,