Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Her Smile

She's been smiling for awhile now but I haven't been able to catch it on my real camera...until tonight.

She loves smiling at her Daddy when he gets home from work. It seriously melts my heart.

Tonight she was looking at me like she loved me so much. It was one of the best feelings. I can tell she recognizes me now. She can find me across the room. She's a Mommy's girl...for now.

But she's got Daddy wrapped around her finger already. I heard him tell her tonight that he would get her anything she wanted.

I love that her personality is starting to shine through.

But don't be fooled...it's not all smiles and sunshine around here.

Sometimes things are downright crappy. (Pun intended).

This worried me. There was so much, and it was dark green, but we're back to good old mustard yellow now. You know you've become a Mommy when you get excited over yellow poops.

We've been watching lots of Olympics over here. For some reason, I don't feel as guilty sitting on the couch all night to watch Olympics like I do when it's reality TV shows.

Darin really loves watching figure skating. :)


Janeen said...

I knew darin was a skating fan!! Sweet Nora! That smile is so stinkin cute. What a pointy tongue she has! Seriously your kids love you more then anyone ever has! that's how I feel with Owen.

Heidi said...

Oh Nora! Oh Darin!

the hopkins said...

This post was so sweet. I remember when Cohen was about this age, he give me a certain look when he'd smile and his eyes would light up and I felt so connected. She is so precious.
And that poop, hahaha. Too funny.

Jonathan and Kiri said...

What a sweet smile! This is just adorable.

Becca Jane said...

Hey Obergs!
This is Becca & Nate Wood! We both served with Darin in Korea, and we came to your wedding reception. So funny to stumble across your blog....small world! CONGRATS on your baby girl, she's gorgeous!!

Becca Jane said...

By the way, that poop picture made me laugh outloud, so hilarious. We've had those days too!!
Nate was asking if Darin is on FB....they were companions, and he said it would be fun to catch up with him. Thanks!!!

Nicole said...

Oh her smile is soooo cute! She is a doll!

Adrienne said...