Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I love May.....

I love May. We celebrated our 4th anniversary this past weekend along with Mother's Day.

I can't believe we've been married 4 years. In some ways it seems like the time has flown by and in other ways, it feels like Darin has been in my life for as long as I can remember. I honestly don't know where I would be without him. People say that all the time. I know it's sort of cliche, but truly, I probably wouldn't have been on the best path had he not entered my life. He's such an amazing husband, father, friend. Even when I think he isn't listening to me, he is.

Case in point.

I've been wanting to do a mentorship with one of my favorite photographers for SO LONG. But it just wasn't in the budget and there were so many other things I needed for my business that I hadn't really given it a thought recently. I only mentioned it to him a couple times, but obviously he was listening, because this is what he got me for our anniversary/mother's day. He never disappoints. I'm so excited for it and can't wait for all the things I'm going to learn.

We enjoyed lunch at the park, the beatiful weather, and each other's company.

Last year I got my first Mother's day gift in our ward. A CD or something if I remember right. I was pregnant at the time and couldn't even begin to anticipate what being a mother was going to be like. This year I got a chocolate bar at church, and don't get me wrong, I really liked the chocolate bar, but obviously there's no better gift than just getting to spend every day with my little girl. She brings me more joy than I could ever imagine.

Her and Diesel are best friends already. (Even though the look here signifies that she's absolutely terrified, I promise she wasn't.)

She is OBSESSED with her toes now.
Grab the toes.
Examine the toes.
Insert the toes.
Did I mention she's REALLY good at inserting the toes? She is.

These pictures make me laugh. Darin is a REALLY good Dad, but sometimes he's a little engrosed in his sports or whatever show he's currently occupied with. Sometimes he ignores Nora. And Nora doesn't like to be ignored. So she starts whining and I remind him, "You need to entertain her". I look over to see him haphazardly piling her toys on top of her without really even paying attention. I brought it to his attention and we laughed and then had to snap these funny pictures.

She didn't think it was funny.
I started feeding Nora fresh pears with her cereal. I simmered some pears to soften them up then pureed them and she LOVES it.
This is our life.


Wendy said...

I love looking at your pictures of Nora! I can't wait to see you Saturday, we are going to have fun!

Josh and Ashley said...

Jess -

I found your blog through Heidi. I love seeing all of your updates. Nora is beautiful. I am so happy for you!

Vanessa is doing the photography for our wedding. Let me just say that she is AMAZING! I am so so so excited that you will be able to work with her! I know you will learn so much from her - you are already so talented as it is! :) Good luck!


RaeLynn said...

This post is awesome. I know EXACTLY what you mean about getting engrossed in the TV while a husband is "playing" with your kid...too funny.

Isn't it fun when your little one starts to eat solid food? That's when you know they're growing up (and the fact that they chew and suck on their toes).

Bravo to Darin for your Mother's Day/Anniversary gift. What a guy. You should probably hang on to him.

Brady & Ashley said...

You're doing an internship with V! She did my wedding & she's doing my sister's. I agree...she's sooo awesome! And the cutest, funnest person ever! I love all the pics...especially the ones where Nora is cuddling with your dog! I just think that's so sweet!

Nick and Whit said...

Happy Mothers Day!
You have a good life. :) No doubt.