Thursday, June 24, 2010

Father's Day

We didn't do anything too out of the ordinary on this day. Nora gave her Daddy a few small presents, we went to church, and went to Darin's parents like we do on most Sundays. But this day was special. The first Father's Day that Darin got to celebrate as a Dad.

I'm sure when I got pregnant he had no idea how much he was going to love this little girl. And I had no idea what an amazing Father he was going to be. He loves her more than words can explain at times.

And how did I get so incredibly lucky to marry such an amazing man? I mean, I knew when I married him that I had really lucked out, but he just gets better and better as the years pass.

Some days I just kick myself, for not being the wife I sometimes wish I was. For not showing him exactly how much I love and adore him every day.

If there's one thing I learned growing up, it was not to judge people. To look for the best in everybody, even the strangers we don't know. Sometimes, I get on Darins case for this. I wish he could learn to love his neighbor a little more.

Bur recently I had a conversation with a dear friend. We talked about how it's so easy to be accepting of others, even people we've never met in our lives, but somehow find it incredibly easy to criticize and tear apart those that mean the most to us.

Does Darin sometimes do things that bother me? Of course. Do I bug him on occasion? I'm sure. But I try each and every day to not let silly things anger me so quickly. Because he's my husband, my eternal partner, my best friend, and I think that it's worth the extra effort.

Thank you, Darin, for being all I ever dreamed of. For loving me and Nora so fully. For supporting us. And for being so incredibly good lucking. I love you, I love you, I love you!


Heidi said...

I love this post (and the last one). Darin is a great guy. But I think he is the lucky one to have YOU!

the hopkins said...

Awwww, this was sweet. I have lots of similar thoughts to what you just wrote about. And sometimes I kick myself for not being a better wife too. Thanks for this cute little reminder, of being kind to those we love most. You guys are such a cute couple and seem like fabulous parents. Glad you had a fun day! And Nora is getting so big, she's a DOLL!

Janeen said...

What a nice wife you are! Thanks for the inspiration. We love you guys, your a great couple, and awesome parents.