Sunday, July 18, 2010

Thanksgiving Pointe and a Few More Questions

We had a lot of fun walking around Thanksgiving Pointe.

We saw lots of cute animals.

Played around a lot.

And just had a good time getting out into the sunshine.

Alyssa rode the ponies a few times and when she got off she was pretty upset so we asked her what was wrong. She said she thought the horses looked sad and she didn't think she liked doing that.

I'm sure she's right.

I wanted Nora to ride a pony but she was already zonked out by that point.

While we were there we also checked out the gift shop and found this AMAZING baby cowgirl hat. My mom and I could NOT stop laughing it was so funny. The pictures don't do it justice but I seriouly don't think I've seen anything more hick and more cute in my whole life.

Thanks to all those that responded on my last post. I have a few other questions though before I decide if I want to tame the monster.

A - Were any of your kids binki suckers while you were sleep training them? If they were, how did you go about it? I know Ferbers book says you can give them their binki at the start of the night but if it falls out you don't give it to them again the rest of the night. Is this how you did it? Or did you give it to them each time you went into them? I'm not sure how I want to go about this.

2 - Were any of your kids stubborn as the dickens? Because I've let Nora cry for 20 minutes straight before with no signs of her letting up anytime soon. I'm not sure if I'll be able to stand it. I NEED MORAL SUPPORT.

Kidding. I'm just not sure what's best and I'm not sure if she'll eventually just grow out of it on her own. I appreciate any advice. I can always google things but I like advice from friends better!


ATH79 said...

I let both of my girls cry for at least 20 min from the begining and at the latest they were sleeping through the night by four months old. I know, I'm a mean mommy but I tell you what, the have been the best sleepers ever since. My biggest thing was that I would make sure they ate just before they went to bed and made sure it was a lot so I never felt like they were waking up starving. I remember waking them up if they tried to fall to sleep while I was feeding them their bedtime meal just to make sure they were full. I did use a binky with both and if they cried longer then 20 or so minutes I'd go put it back in but that was it. I did take the binky away before they turned one though (I know, mean mommy again) It will be rough for a week or so but once you start getting your much needed sleep you will see it is so worth it. She is too cute by the way! I can't believe how tiny she still is.

Travis, Shantell, and Family said...

I let my little ones Cry and believe me they were both STUBBORN! I know it sounds mean and believe me I sat in bed and cried too! They cried for more then an hour and would fall asleep for like an hour and then start the whole process again! Good news it only was a few nights/a week max that this happened! But I knew in the end it was what was best for them even if it was really hard (kinda like Shots)! The other thing I did about the Binki thing is I would throw a few binki's in my kids bed so if they lost one then they could always feel for another one. And then eventually they (when they are a little older-9mon.) I give them one in there mouth and one in there hand before bed! I know it might not be right but it TOTALLY works (or at least it did for us)! I had a sister-in-law who would get up with her son because it broke her heart (which I don't blame her) but in the end her son never grew out not sleeping through the night and he was 14 months by that point. So she still had to do it in the end and it was twice as hard because he was older and the habit was SO MUCH worse! Good Luck Jessie! Just do whats best for you and your family!

Carrie and Jesse said...

I'm in the same jam. If you figure it out let me know. I can't get her to take naps. SERIOUSLY... And she has to have her binki to fall asleep. Sometimes being a mom is HARD!

Alli said...

I did the same as the comments above, I just let Easton cry and some nights he was more stubborn then others and would sit and cry for 30 min. to an is hard, but worth it! Easton starting sleeping through the night at 3 or 4 months old, some nights he still tries to resist and cries but it's easier now that he a lil older. Just be strong, 'tough love'!

Jonathan and Kiri said...

Cute, Cute Baby Cowgirl hat!! That's so precious she was sad the ponies looked unhappy. Adorable! Nora is as cute as ever! I hope you get some good advice on your baby questions. With all the advice you're getting - I know EXACTLY where to go for advice when I have my own little ones :)