Friday, August 20, 2010

Nora, as always.

Where has the Summer gone?

I feel like it's slipping out of my grasp. A part of me can't wait for Fall because I LOVE Fall. But I don't want to wish any more of the Summer away. So I'm going to go to the pool and spend time outside as much as possible.

That way, when it's freezing cold outside I can look back and know that I took full advantage.

I can't believe how big my baby is getting. She turns 9 MONTHS today. I can't even believe it. I'm going to be planning her first birthday before I know it.

She's a crawling and standing fool. If she's awake, she's constantly on the go. It's hard to keep up with her. My bet is that she'll be walking in the next month or so. The first time she did the bear crawl we thought it was the most hilarious thing. But now she does it all the time.

This is my new favorite thing. Nora isn't really a cuddler so it melts my heart when she cuddles with her blankies. I feel bad though. If any of you came to my baby shower you would remember the MASSIVE amounts of blankets that my Mom made Nora. But when Nora was a baby she loved to be swaddled TIGHT. So I went and bought these jersey knit fabrics because they were kind of stretchy and great for swaddling. I didn't even finish the edges. They're basically still just pieces of fabrics. But now Nora won't take any other blankie. Hopefully when she gets older she'll love all of Grandma's blankets.

She's getting to the stage where she freaks out if I leave the room. So this morning I was trying to get some laundry done. I plopped her into the laundry basket, looped her bed sheet through the handles and pulled her around the house while collecting all the laundry. She thought it was pretty funny.

As far as life besides Nora, it's good.

Random thoughts.

I decided I need to hire a stylist. I have the hardest time buying and putting outfits together. My closet is littered with grey t shirts. I'm so boring and I hate it. Anyone want to take me shopping? (You pay.)

I'm stressed about scrapbooking. It somehow seems to constantly get pushed to the back burner and I don't want to get too behind on it.

Sometimes I love cooking and sometimes I hate it. I'm going through a phase of hating it and we're eating out way too much. Anybody have any great recipe blogs or sites they just love? I need some easy new meals to add to the rotation.

COSTA RICA later this year!!! WOOT WOOT!


Heidi said...

I hate to brake it to you Jess, Nora is getting BIG!! Love the little pony, bear crawling and fabric blanket. She's a cutie.

I'm with you on scrapbooking and cooking. Hate cooking right now. I bet when more of fall roles around I'll be back in my grove. I've actually given up scrapbooking all together. Several reason 1.expensive 2.too much time consuming matter how cute of paper you put a picture on, it doesn't change the memory. 4.all of our pictures are very organized and burned to discs. If I want a picture I know just where to find it., I feel I keep a good enough blog.
I realized that I was stressed about scrapbooking ALL the time and it just wasn't worth it to me. I'm happy with the way they are organized and in photo albums.

Holy cow, I'm usually not that long winded. You caught me on a talkative(sp?) day. Love ya!

Oh, and can't wait to see your new camera in action.

RaeLynn said...

COOOOOSTA RIIIIIIIIICA??!!! Holy crapola. FUN FUN FUN. That bear crawl pic is awesome. It totally looks like she is doing a push up. You are so creative to pull her around in the laundry hamper...I love it.

Carrie and Jesse said...

Love the laundry basket. You are so fun! She's such a cutie!

Brady & Ashley said...

I hear ya girlie. Summer is flying by, cooking sucks right now, no matter how much I shop my closet still feels boring, and scrapbooking...what's that? I love that at least you tell it like it is! Come over to my blog under Eye Candy and click "Favorite Family Recipes". They have so many good ones that I use all the time & about 95% of them are super easy!

Lindsey said...

Lots of random thoughts.
What is the etsy site you bought Nora's headbands from?
Isn't is crazy how time flies with kids?
I'm trying to soak up as much summer as possible too.
I'm going through a new eating phase where I'm trying to simplify what we eat...check out The Lazy Organizer
Like your friend above, I've given up scrapbooking because I found it became a thing I was dreading instead of enjoying.
I'd love to go shopping with you, but we'll need to find a sponsor.

trish said...

She is ONE CUTE LITTLE GIRL!! And they grow Sprout is now 2 and I swear I just had her! Enjoy!

trish said...

She is ONE CUTE LITTLE GIRL!! And they grow Sprout is now 2 and I swear I just had her! Enjoy!

RaeLynn said...

I'm ready for a new post...