Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Seniorita Norita

We had such a fun time in Costa Rica! The trip started off rough. We forgot Nora's plane ticket in my sister's car who dropped us off and barely made our flight, we lost my cell phone on the way and we had a few other things go wrong. But it all turned out ok and we had a great time! I won't bore you with all the details but I want to share a few of my favorite pictures.

The scenery was all to die for. So many brightly colored farms off the mountain roads.

Nora almost fell out of her high chair once during the trip. I caught her by the bum of her swimsuit. So terrifying.

I wish I would have taken more pictures of the streets. I loved all the little shacks. This gives you a general idea though. You can see the stray dogs in the bottom left of the picture. They ran around everywhere.

Zip Lining was amazing. Our last cable was over 2200 feet long! The view was like nothing I've seen before.

Of course I got some flower shots. So so many beautiful plants and flowers.

Our backyard at our first hotel.

Probably my most favorite part of the trip. We were driving to our second hotel and crossed over a bridge over a huge river. Darin said there was a crocodile. And I said it was a log. Some logs right? 16 MASSIVE logs. Probably 13 feet long.

Nora loved the beach. And eating the sand.

We went to a beach that was in Manuel Antonio State Park. The monkeys were so used to people there that they'd just come up to your towel. They even tried to steal some of our friends stuff and when we tried to get it back they bared their teeth at us. Little thieves. We saw a ton of other monkeys in the wild that weren't used to humans too.

And my little monkey. She was such an angel on the trip. I didn't even have to drug her on the plane. I'll never say she's naughty again. She was a complete dream.

My little world traveling baby.

Nora's 1 year post, coming soon!


Cardwell said...

It looks sooo green and beautiful there! You got some gorgeous pictures. Little Nora in Costa Rica! :)

The Thueson's said...

AAAHHHH!! I want to go back to Costa Rica!! We went to all of those same places.. seriously, I am so jealous right now. Did you go with friends?? Oh gosh.. please post a lot more pictures so I can live vicariously through YOU!! :)

Lindsey said...

Looks like a great trip. I love the picture of Nora in her high chair and who doesn't love a baby in a swimsuit?

melissa-brad said...

oh my gosh jess!!! these pictures!!!!! this trip looked like a dream!!!! i really am jealous, and promise i'm looking at costa rica flights as i type. you have convinced me to think this place is the best place on earth. beautiful jess, and soo much fun! i'm so happy you guys were able to go!