Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Do you want to hold the baby?

We asked Nora if she wanted to hold the baby, and she sat down excitedly in her chair. Should I mention that the baby (my niece) is 7 months younger than Nora and just about weighs the same amount. But Nora was excited so we let her have a go.

But then Nora got tired of holding the baby and wanted a turn of her own to be held. So she took a seat.

Silly peanut.

Now these next series of pictures are the EXACT reason why I'm not putting any presents under the tree until Christmas eve. It seemed awfully quiet so I peeked behind the couch where Nora had taken a present she found. She's such a sneak.

What, Mom? Isn't this for me?

Daddy's been gone for work so I was trying to think of fun things we could do for girls night. I thought I'd build a fort. Nora seemed to dig it. For five minutes anyway.

Then she needed a rest.

Nora has started saying quite a few things. When I'm looking for her binki I'll say "Biiiinnkkiii, where are you?" Now Nora walks around with me looking saying, "Kiinnkkii, uuuuuu aaaaaa uuuuuu?"

She says cute, cheese, shoes, Hi Diesel and a bunch of other mumbo jumbo that I haven't quite deciphered yet. She loves Baby Signing Time and signs a lot of the things when I sing the songs.

At almost 13 months she still doesn't have a single tooth. The girls been gumming her steak for months.

So excited for Christmas! Only 10 days away. I've loved having lots of time to enjoy the holidays this year. Hope your Christmas is wonderful!


holly said...

What a cute girl....and a stinker! She totally reminds me of sweet and so was hard not to laugh at all the naughty things she would do! And Kate didn't get a single tooth until she was 13 months! Good hasn't gotten ANY easier....and now she talks back! ;)

Jonathan and Kiri said...

hahahaha how funny is that picture of her climbing up on the baby's lap? OH dear! I sure love how adorable your little Nora is. (and how sneaky she is too!)

The Forbes said...

oh cute is she. And where did you get her chair I've been looking for one for my little girl. It looks like pottery Barn? Please let me know. Its so cute with her name on it

Katie & Justus said...

Thats so funny! Jack, our nephew, sits on Xander when he sees him too!! and he is 5 months older. thats so funny to me!

Lindsey said...

Nora just wants to make sure no one counts her out because of her size. See you tomorrow! I can't wait to get my chime on.