Friday, February 25, 2011


Alright, maybe now that my blog isn't so ugly I might actually want to spend time here.

Winter was fun for awhile. For like a month. Back in December. It's just not fun anymore.

It pretty much sucks and has me thinking bad about every aspect of my life.

My business, my blog, my life. Seriously, sometimes I just think, wow I'm a huge loser. And then I have to remind myself what an important thing it is I'm doing. I'm sure Heavenly Father doesn't think anything is more important than raising our babies. Stupid winter, it's what it does to me.

There was this one day, we were literally so bored, I gave Nora this pan of rice and just let her play in it.

Uh, what was I thinking?

I think I'm still vacuuming up rice to this day.

But she loved it. And it kept her mind and body occupied for a little bit.

One day I found Nora under the stairs in her play area like this. She fit perfectly in the little table pouch and played there for quite some time.

We have done some fun things too. Nora loves going to the aquarium and seeing all the "ish".

Yes, my 15 month old still fits in her Bjorn. I'm so glad I invested the money in one of these. Such a life saver.

Nora's 15 month stats for anyone that cares:

Weight. 17lbs8oz - Still in the first percentile but at least she hasn't fallen off the charts.
Height. 30.5in - Fifty third percentile in height. She's a model if yanno what I mean.
Head. 45.5cm - Thirty ninth percentile. She has to have somewhere to put her big brain.

She really is so smart. She says close to 50 words now. She loves animals and crackers. And animal crackers. She still has barely enough hair to put in a ponytail, but it's as fine as spun gold and I adore it. I'm not sure I could ever have another baby because there wouldn't be enough love to go around.


Gary Kunz said...

Jessi, You continue to amaze me with your creative talent, you are such an amazing person, inside and out. I love you and I am proud of the beautiful woman you have become. Love Grandpa Kunz

Heidi said...

Oh my dearest sweetest Jess, we are friends for more than one reason. We are so much alike. I promise you winter gets me feeling the same way, I HATE IT! Next year I say we run south and ditch this hell hole:) You know I love you so much, in no way what so ever are you a loser. You're one of the coolest people I know. Seriously. you are. So hip, stylish, talented, patient, just pure lovely and I love you! More than you'll ever know. Do you want some good news....? Is the anticipation killing you? Alright, I'll tell ya. Let the countdown of our reunion begin. We plan to move south in the middle of May! Hello, did you hear me. May. THIS May. Hoooray!!! I have some other good news but I'll call you to share it. LOVE YOU! xoxo

Lindsey said...

Rice is one of Haylee's favorite activities and it keeps her busy forever! We also love to play with a tray of colored sand and make animal footprints. It's a mess, but so worth it. You are such a great mama! P.S. I'm finally going to pick up my cd this's been crazy lately. Another P.S. I thought for sure I could never love another baby the way I loved Haylee, but it really does work. I promise!

Savannah Roberts said...

Talon is only 5 months and weighs 17 ibs. He's heavy! He's in the 80th percentile for is age on everything. The doc says he's going to be a line backer.

Nora is super cute! Love her outfits!