Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Everything's more fun.....

I remember before I had Nora the thought of going to a city egg hunt or anything similar was nauseating. I mean, the massive amounts of people, the millions of snotty nosed kids shoving to get some lame toy or treat. I'm kidding...kind of.

 I knew there had to be something special about them or why would so many people brave their way through the crowds?

I figured it out. 

It's nothing to do with the event itself. I could buy Nora a bag of treats and let her eat them all by herself without having to fight a 3 year old for it. I could take her to the dollar store and let her choose 10 things that she'll probably play with for longer than that stuffed frog she found. No, none of those things are what makes the event worth going to.

It's the look on my sweet daughter's face when she sees that plastic egg laying in the grass. It's the humor I find in her when she picks up an egg with one hand, a treat with the other, and realizes with anxiety that she doesn't have any more hands. It's how cute she is when I tell her to put her items in the basket so she can pick up more, and instead she attempts to grab something I've already put in there.

All these things bring me such joy that I would do them every day. Having a kid brings out the kid in you. It makes every holiday, every event, so much more exciting. It makes you remember why, as a kid, you anticipated all these things for so long. 

Her excitement makes me giddy.

And, how awesome is this homey g hat we scored? We ended up giving it to cousin Logan, but I couldn't resist a picture.


Heidi said...

Love the blonde in your hair and it's looking so long. Beautiful!