Monday, August 18, 2008

Airport Spying

While Darin was away hunting down innocent unsuspecting animals I hopped on a plane and went to Vegas to visit my mom. Did this weekend feel faster than most to anyone besides me? I used to fly every other weekend by myself when I was little from my mom to my dad. But it's been quite some time since I've flown alone. And the one thing I've perfected from childhood is my great ability to people watch. I'm sure everyone knows the airport is the best place to do so, I mean why wouldn't it be? You have such a broad range of people from all over the world. Let's talk a little bit about some of the people I encountered.
The Loud Cell Phone Talker
This woman recently went to the Galapagos Islands on vacation because she had a friend that asked her and her husband, Dave, to go and was more than willing to pay for their entire vacation as long as they bought there own airfare. They agreed to go and thought it was a good time but wasn't the best vacation ever. She's traveling from Vegas to Utah where she'll spend a few days, then on to Chicago and Atlanta and then on to India for work. (Here she proceeds to crack a lame joke about how it's a "long drive to work" and then insists upon laughing so loudly that I literally thing she's going to start slapping her knee, or maybe break into song and dance) How do I know all these things about this traveler? Because she insisted upon talking so loudly on her cell phone that everyone seated at our gate most definitely heard her. I'm not sure if it was because she had a bad connection or if it was because she was using one of those headseats with the microphone on the hanging wire, which I also have never understood because the caller more often than not is holding the microphone up to their mouth. Why not just hold the phone to your ear? I thought the point of a headset was to be hands free. I could be wrong though. Pretty sure she just likes to hear herself talking.

The Rude Businessman
This man can almost be put into the Loud Cell Phone Talker category but is so obnoxious he just has to have his own. Picture this. Balding man, early 50's, glasses, business attire. He's sitting there with his lap top opened, talking on his cell phone to some poor soul. (At least he's not using the dangly wire headset because that would push him into the category of People I'd Like to Kill) He's typing away at his laptop, screaming into the phone "Well did you think to get me the HTML code? NO!?!? If you're ever in doubt just get me......HELLO? I can't hear you....I CAN'T HEAR YOU, GET TO A PLACE I CAN HEAR YOU!!!!! Do you understand? If you're EVER IN DOUBT get me the html code and we won't have to have this problem." He is being so rude to his caller that I honestly think I am going to start crying from pure fear and anxiety, and he's not even my boss.
The Mom with the out of control Kid
Cut to the mother sitting in the chair, bags under her eyes, hair disheveled, 5 year old running around screaming at the top of his lungs. Not only does she have complete lack of control, but she doesn't want the control either. She just sits there totally spaced out while he runs around causing complete chaos. And if he asks her a question she does one of two things. Snaps a two word answer at him, or just doesn't answer at all in which case I have to hear him ask the same thing 10 more times.
The Fashion Nightmare
This girl was my favorite. Could be anywhere from 17 to 25, not quite sure because of her ensemble, which was the best part about her. 5'8" 200 pounds. Wearting a hot pink and black plaid mini skirt 3 sizes too small for her larger frame. And when I say mini I mean mini. Her pink strappy bridesmaid sandals were a definite match to her skirt. Too bad she couldn't walk in them to save her life. Her long brown hair was put up into an extravagant updo of.....pigtails. I really actually felt bad for this girl. When I looked around the gate I saw that at least 3 groups of people were making fun of her. But honestly, why would you leave the house looking like that? She wasn't even a very unattractive girl, she just chose to wear things that were very unflattering for her body type. I did see her on the trip home too and her outfit was a little better, but she still had the pigtails.

So, readers, who are your favorite travelers to spy on?

As far as my trip goes, it was a good time. I always love spending time with my mom and wish I could do it more often. We did dinner, pool, a little gambling (yay for nickel machines). The next time I see her my house should be done. That's an exciting way of looking at things. I'm so lame though I didn't get any good pictures. The only time I remembered to get my camera out was to capture these photographs of the sky the first night I was there. These pictures really don't give it justice either. The moon was so full and bright that it lit up all of the clouds in the sky. The first picture was a cloud covering the moon but it looks like a heart. It was neat.


Joe and Rindi said...

You should've gotten pictures of the girl! I would have loved to see that! ha ha

MaRk & RaCquEl said...

That post made me laugh so hard... that was like reading a book, it was so good! That made my day! Looks like a fun trip.