Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A few things

Here's the house with the stone on. I really like how the outside turned out. They painted the inside. I love it so far. It's kinda scary choosing the colors, you don't know how they'll all look together, but so far so good. Just 4 or 5 more weeks. We're hoping to have a welcome home party for my Grandpa after we get moved in. He's still in pretty much the same shape. Still in ICU. His breathing is getting a little better. They aren't having to give him as much oxygen. I think they've given him his last round of chemo. Now we just wait a few weeks, then they can test his bone marrow to see if it worked. In the meantime they are just trying to make sure he doesn't bleed internally anymore. And get his lungs stronger. It just breaks my heart though. He seemed so sad yesterday and he can't ever get comfortable. Who could, with a million tubes around? I really have appreciated all those who have sent encouraging words and prayers though. It means a lot.

I ended up deleting my design blog, I don't think anyone really looked at it anyway. haha. It was just kinda tough trying to keep up on two blogs. So i'll be posting design bits here and there on this blog. Hope nobody minds. Sorry my blog has been a little depressing lately. Happy wednesday to everyone!


Cardwell said...

My gosh! It's almost done - looks great!

BTW - I think about you every day hoping you and your grandpa are doing better.

{Chels and Zach} said...

Wow! Your house is really coming along! And it sounds like your grandpa is starting to come around! Hang in there!

Joe and Rindi said...

Congratulations! Your house looks great! I bet you're just dying to move in!