Monday, September 15, 2008

Parents for a Day

My friend Hannah asked a couple weeks ago if we would be willing to watch their little boy overnight so they could go enjoy their 5 year anniversary at Snowbird. I was honored that she would trust us with their childs life :) Caden was an angel. He didn't cry once and was just such a little sweetheart. It's us that was the problem. We picked up a pizza and went to the park. He played and we enjoyed the beautiful weather. We went back home and stuck in Cars. Man, he was just entranced for the full 2 hours of the movie. When it was over I picked up the blanket off him to find a nice surprise. He had pee'd so much he soaked through his diaper, shorts and onto the couch. Literally, soaked. That's when you know you aren't ready for a kid, when you can't even remember to change a diaper. When I told her what happened she said she thinks it is his diapers. But I think she was just trying to make me feel better. Don't worry Hannah, we cleaned everything up. Glad you guys had a nice time!! And congrats on your anniversary.


Cardwell said...

You guys are awesome! I think you're ready for kids now. :) Thanks again!

Janeen said...

Jess, you crack me up, thats all i can say lol