Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Can't help but love....

I really can't help but love the first snowfall of the year. It's clean, fresh, beautiful. Granted, I hate it when it's dirty and freezing and I have to drive in it....but at least I don't have to scrape my car windows anymore. Complete heaven.
As I was watching President Barack Obama give his acceptance speech last night I had a lot of mixed emotions. I think it's really really incredible that we just voted in our first black president. What pride he must feel to have that great honor. At one point blacks couldn't vote, or do a lot of things for that matter, and now he'll be leading our country. Amazing.

Even though he didn't win my vote I still found his acceptance speech very inspiring. Just to know that millions of people around the world were watching him, and hoping for a better tomorrow felt so patriotic.

I was telling Darin how I always think it's a little sad when a new President gets elected because it's kind of like the old one is just forgotten about. No public goodbyes or thank you's to President Bush. I wonder if he's sad.....or maybe he's relieved. That's got to be a huge weight lifted off your shoulders.
I also want to say congratulations to my best friend, Heidi. She gave birth Monday morning to a beautiful baby girl, Sadie Mae.
I can't wait to go meet her! I can't believe Heidi is a Mommy now but her and Jason are going to be great parents and Sadie is lucky to have them :)

Sorry my blog is in a shambles still. Haven't had time to create a new background yet. Happy Wednesday to everyone!


Janeen said...

your pictures turned out so flippin' cute!