Sunday, November 2, 2008

Grateful Sunday #3 and a tired Halloween

This Sunday I couldn't pass up the opportunity to say how grateful I am for all the family and friends that showed up to help us move this week. With the help of 6 guys and 2 huge trucks we were able to move all of our stuff in just a few hours! We even had the help of darins' parents next door neighbor John, not with moving stuff, but with taking my 6 year old niece into their home and letting her carve pumpkins with their family so she wouldn't get in the way and boy did she have a blast. Corey and Janeen may not have moved much stuff but just being there to support us and provide comfort with their sweet baby boy was enough. Thanks to everyone that dropped all they had to do to come lend a helping hand!

This last week has really proved to push my physical strength, that's for sure. Man, I was just EXHAUSTED the entire weekend. We were up until after midnight setting up a few things on Wednesday. Thursday, Darin stayed at work to help set up for their Halloween thing until 11:00! So we didn't get to bed until really late that night either, by the time Halloween rolled around it was all I could do to put a costume on and scarf down loads of candy.

Darin's company, Omniture, does the most AMAZING things for Halloween. Each department comes up with their own theme and spends weeks planning and setting up for it. I'm not just talking a few little decorations, they seriously go ALL OUT. Darin's department did BYU against UTAH theme. They built a real field. They actually brought in sod and laid it and spray painted it to look like a football field. The executive department did Wizard of Oz theme, and the CEO hired midgets to come and play the munckins. (the same midgets were hired last year to play his dwarfs for their snow white and the seven dwarfs theme) It really is amazing. Here are a few pics from the Halloween weekend.

My cute little cousin Vann, kept saying "chocolate treat" instead of trick or treat. He thought that's what everyone was saying. Hope everyone had a great Halloween!


Janeen said...

"chocolate treat" that is so cute. and the name vann...i love that! anyway we love you guy's and sorry we didnt help a ton! we love your new house, and we are so glad to have you so close again! Now you can babysit owen for us! lol jk

Janeen said...

P.S. you guys look hott in your halloween costumes