Thursday, December 18, 2008

It's December? Oh...I had no idea.

I'm alive. Over the last few weeks there have been times when it honestly didn't feel like it, but I'm here, and I'm typing so that means I must be alive....right? Because this definitely isn't my idea of Heaven if I'm dead.
I've been gone awhile. Things are finally starting to settle down, the 13 loans I was working on are starting to close. It's great.
I honestly cannot believe it's only a week till Christmas. I wish I could have enjoyed the month a little more but that's ok. We've been so busy buying presents for everyone. We also adopted a little boy named Austin through the sub for santa program and need to get his presents delivered to him this weekend.
Last weekend we had Omniture Christmas Party. The food was delish, the dancing was just alright (Darin wasn't having it for too long) and watching them give away there prizes was fun too. I only wish it would have been to me. Here's some pictures from the event. I hope everyone is enjoying the season and hopefully I'll be showing up around here a little more later.

Bustin a few moves.

Peace on Earth people.


Kiri Anne said...

Looks like you two had lots of fun! Those sub for santa parties are SO great. Hope you're doing well Jess. Good luck with closing those 13 loans!

Joe and Rindi said...

Joe and I didn't win anything at his Christmas party either! Seriously it is so annoying!!! I felt like this month went by way tooo fast too. I don't even feel like I got to fully enjoy the holidays! Don't you love sub 4 santa! It really gives you a chance to enjoy the giving instead of the getting!