Monday, July 13, 2009

My New Relationship

Meet my new friend....
We've been in a relationship for the last 3 months and the only good that's come out of it is this sexy little number.
This was my first sewing project. It turned out pretty well actually. I won't say the road that got me to the end result was pretty, in fact it was really really ugly. Massive amounts of jammed thread, stitches that weren't a stitch straight, and a few too many swear words. But I was proud of the final product.

Now I can cook in style.

Except, after seeing this picture I decided I shouldn't be cooking at all anymore. That gut is the result of one too many nights spent in the kitchen. If you poke it, I make a sound just like the pillsbury dough boy.

If you're interested in making this apron, this is the book I used.The instructions were simple enough for a beginner to follow. They've got some pretty cute ones in there! Maybe the next apron won't take me 3 months to complete.


ATH79 said...

That's awesome, so cute! I just bought a sewing machine a few weeks ago and still can't figure out how to get the thing threaded.

The Steggells said...

Is there anything you can't do?! :) You are one talented woman! Congrats on your little girl! You'll LOVE having a girl. They're so much fun!