Monday, July 6, 2009

Proud to be an American

We had a great 4th weekend this year. We spent way too much money on trees for our yard.

Went to the Riverton parade on Friday.
We ran the 5k in the Murray City parade on the 4th. Well I should say Darin ran it. 24 minutes, great job babe! I on the other hand walked the whole thing, almost passed out a mile and a half in, spent the last mile dragging Diesel because he was so tired, and came in something like 2nd to last out of 800 people. It was embarrassing. But hey, at least I finished it.

We watched the Murray parade.

We did a BBQ and games at our house for lunch. Went to Leatherbys for ice cream where Darin inhaled almost an entire Daddy Dougs Banana Special by himself, and spend the night watching the Murray Fireworks.
(Darins sister, Kelsie and her friend Daniel.)
How blessed we are to live in this great country. I'm so grateful for those men and women (now including my little bro) that go out and fight for our freedom everyday. How great it is to watch our soldiers carry an American flag in a parade and watch all those around us stand and pay their tribute. How proud I am to be an American! Hope you had a great 4th!


Janeen said...

Fun weekend! I am proud that you finished! Good job! Poor

the madsen family said...

Jason and I ran in the Park City 5k. He also ran it in 24 minutes, me=41 mins.