Sunday, October 4, 2009

Fall, you don't stay long enough.

We love Fall at our house. The anticipation of the Holidays, the smell in the air, the changing leaves. It's easily my favorite time of the year.

Darin has been collecting these village pieces over the years we've been together and loves setting up his little town come Halloween and Christmas. They definitely aren't cheap but we're always so excited when it's time to pull them out.

We walked around Wheeler Farm. Diesel loved all the animals. His favorite were the ducks and geese, mine were the pigs.

No manners.

Darin has had football on the brain.

We stopped at the pumpkin patch to pick a few for the porch. I made Darin take some pictures of me since I never post pictures of us on here. Since this is the Oberg Family Blog, it only seems right that we should be on here once in awhile.

Me and our lil pumpkin.

I fit in well with the tractor because I look like I'm straight off the farm. The cow farm, that is.

There were so many good pumpkins. Don't buy your pumpkins from the grocery store. Roadside stands are so much better.

Any normal person would have sat down on the spoke of the tractor. But not me, I have to test my flexibility by swinging my leg up on it and creating the most unflattering image of myself of all time. Seriously, I don't even know why I'm posting this.

I love you pumpkin, please come home with us. (In the process of getting this pumpkin home, I lifted it and pulled what I think to be my groin.) Pumpkin lifting while pregnant is not a good idea.

If you're looking for a tasty fall treat, try out the Pumpkin Pie Milkshake from Our Best Bites. Super tasty!


Heidi Madsen said...

classic picture of you, i love it!

Cardwell said...

That last pic of you is so funny - made me laugh out loud! You are looking so cute and your belly is gettin' big! I love it!

Janeen said...

K if that is the most unflattering picture of you then ... wow. Your so cute. that's the day we ran into eachother right? (gee so rare) You took Deisel with you to wheeler farm? I didnt know that you could take dogs.