Wednesday, October 14, 2009

News Flash: Weed Breaks Mans Shovel

This is one weed from our backyard. Yes, you read that right. ONE WEED. There are about 300 more of them. It took us about an hour to remove 5 of them. It took the weed about 1 minute to break our shovel.
We had to do some Fall Cleanup outside. Our garden was overgrown, the weeds are out of control, and we had these little lovelies living in our garage.
I'm aware this is a black widow. We've killed 5 in our garage in the past few months and finally decided we should probably spray. So we took a few hours cleaning out the garage, looking under every hidden item, and spraying bug spray excessively. There were a dozen little sacs of spider eggs hiding. Ugh just thinking about it grosses me out again.
It was nice to get a few outside things taken care of before the winter hits. If only all the weeds were gone out of our backyard and not just a small corner. Maybe next year.


Jon and Aim said...

Weird. My neighbor just killed a black widow in her garage. I thought it was just Lehi, but it looks like their infesting the whole state. There goes my idea of moving to get away from them!! AAAHHH.