Monday, December 21, 2009

I'm happy.

I'm so exhausted it's ridiculous.

I constantly have a headache and stomachache from lack of sleep. But as I sat at Darin's family Christmas party I couldn't help but think of how happy I am.

Before I had the baby I thought that December was going to be so nice because I was going to have all this extra time to really enjoy the holiday season and do all those Christmasy things to get me in the mood. Honestly, I thought a lot of things that didn't end up quite how I expected them to, before I had the baby.

Needless to say, I haven't really felt the holiday spirit as much as I was hoping. But Darins family Christmas party really changed that for me. It's the kind of Christmas party you see on the movies. The things I always wish my family did as a little kid growing up.

I was there with my sweet (and handsome, I might add) husband and darling baby girl, surrounded by family that love and support us.

We watched the kids sing songs (Once There Was a Snowman).

We watched them put on the nativity scene, little people style.

Mollee was our little Wiseman.

We play our Christmas bells, although it never sounds too pretty.

And we sing Christmas carols to the piano. Noone is embarrassed or shy. Everyone sings out in their full voices. And maybe everyones voices aren't the greatest (especially mine), but altogether, it's beautiful.

And then we get a Christmas message from Darins 91 year old Grandpa, who by the way, exclaimed that he IS going to make it to 100. I don't doubt it either.

He gave each family member a flashlight and talked about Christ's birth and how he is the light of the world. And when we are in different times of darkness we can "turn on our flashlights" to find the way.

There are no gifts to unwrap at this party, and that's almost the best part. This family doesn't need to give presents to show their love. You can feel it, just being in the house. I'm lucky to have Grandma and Grandpa Graham in my life. From the first time I met them they welcomed me with open arms and have been hugging me ever since. Thank you for bringing the Christmas spirit into my heart this year!