Friday, April 23, 2010

5 months

Does anybody know the things that can happen in 5 months?

In 5 months your baby can learn to roll over. She can learn to start loving her cereal. She can finally slow down on the drooling. Only one bib a day as opposed to three.

In 5 months she can sleep in her own crib. In fact it's pretty much the only place she will sleep. You can lay her down wide awake and she'll drift off to sleep. She's a really good girl.

In 5 months she still doesn't sleep through the night, but the improvement is night and day since she was born. In 5 months when you get her out of her crib she'll smile that smile.

In 5 months she wants to sit up but can't quite get the hang of it. It's baby crunches around here.

In 5 months she still dislikes tummy time. Probably because I don't let her practice too often.

In 5 months she'll already be developing a friendship with the family dog. She'll stare at him any chance she gets. In 5 months I think he's learned to love her too.

In 5 months she's learned to love her Daddy so much. It melts my heart to see them interact. Their relationship makes me love that man even more than I already did.

In 5 months your child might weigh 11 pounds like mine. But maybe not.

In 5 months she'll learn to snuggle. She's always been so alert since she was born, and would never lay her head on my shoulder like most babies do. She does this now. And I only pray she'll never stop.

In 5 months you'll wonder what happened to your heart. Then you'll realize your child has it and you'll be just fine with never getting it back.

In 5 months writing a post about your 5 month child might make you cry.

I did.


Jessica Madsen said...

That was such a precious post. There are many tears that fall when I write memories of my kiddos. Your little girl is so sweet. She has such a contented look about her. You must be making her so happy. She is growing too. Her look is changing into a baby girl now. It's fun to see her grow and change. Love the pictures.

Lindsey said...

What a great post. Being a mom is amazing!

Janeen said...

being a mom is the best, i always cry about it. lol your doing a great job. you have a very sweet little girl...