Friday, April 16, 2010

Night on the Town

For Valentine's day we decided we would just get some Jazz tickets and enjoy a night out with just the two of us. It was fun going to the last season game, and they did a special Larry Miller tribute during half time.

It was nice getting out of the house and doing something with Darin. Dinner and a jazz game couldn't have been better.
The Jazz let us down. They got SLAUGHTERED. But it was still a great time sitting on 9th row center court.
Everyone knows I like to see Kyle up close and personal.
Everytime we go out without Nora, I kind of can't wait to get home and see her. It's amazing how much I can miss her after just a few hours.


Lindsey said...

You're even sporting jazz attire. Impressive! Date nights will get even better the older Nora gets.

Cardwell said...

Fun night! It looks like you caught a picture of my friends Dede and Riley in your 'Corver shot'. She's the one sipping her soda with her hubby clapping. Funny!:)

des said...

jessicca! i found you! and you have a beautiful baby. what a great family!

Nick and Whit said...

Oh I'm jealous! Jazz games make for a great date night. I hope you guys had a blast. :) You deserve it!