Monday, November 29, 2010

To My One Year Old

I can't express the joy you bring to me every day sweet Nora.
When I was pregnant with you I had no idea the amount of love I would feel for you in just a short year.
Each and every day I look at you and wonder if you could be any more beautiful or special to me.

You're so smart and independent. You've been walking for a month and a half. You adore Elmo and Baby Signing Time. You sign "Drink" and "All Done". You give Mommy kisses by coming at me with open mouth and tongue out. I love your sloppy kisses and try to get at least one a day. Sometimes you amaze me by trying to plug cords into outlets or picking up phones to talk on them.

You still don't have a single tooth and we wonder if you'll have to gum things your entire life. It doesn't seem to slow you down though. You love eating everything from fruits and veggies to steak and chicken. That's why I thought you'd go nuts over your birthday cake. But I guess my little girl is too dainty. You took a few bites and that was enough for you.

But don't let that fool anyone. This girl loves her ice cream and throws a complete tantrum when it's gone. But I can't get you to drink juice. You love your water and I'm fine by that.

You still have two naps a day and you've been sleeping through the night for awhile. (9-8)
You love your crib and won't sleep many other places.

You love to play with other kids, and especially love stealing whatever toy they have.
You're quite the hoarder. You love sticking toys and snacks in little hidden spots.
I love finding small toys in random places. In the pantry, hiding in a shoe, in the bathroom drawer.

You're so perfect to me and I couldn't love and adore you more.

The Party

We're grateful for friends and family who love Nora. Thanks for making her birthday special.


Heidi said...

I can't believe she's on either, but on the other hand I feel like you've always had her! She is getting such a big girl look to her, I barely recognize her. GREAT pics, as always. I am SO SO sorry we could't make it to he party, it looked like a total blast. Also, I am dying to see your finished basement! :) Love and miss you tonz!!! xo

Janeen said...

Jess, you made me cry! I seriously love that little girl so much!!! I hope you guys know that! She is such a beautiful girl! Love the pics!!!

Wendy said...

Jessie, Nora is so adorable! Happy Birthay Nora! I love, love, love her Birthday decorations. Did you make them?

the hopkins said...

SUCH an adorable party! The table and everything is so cute. Did you do it all?? Love it. And darling pictures too! Happy birthday Nora!

Jonathan and Kiri said...

What a cute party! I adore those huge balloons! You did such a wonderful job on decorating and putting it all together. It's so fun to hear the little updated on Nora - I can't believe she's been walking for a month and a half, and it just makes me laugh to think of her hiding her toys in secret places. What an adorable little girl you have. Happy Birthday Nora!!

Lindsey said...

Nora is so cute and the party looks adorable. I love all the details!