Tuesday, November 1, 2011

cornbelly's ouchie

I purchased the cornbelly's groupon this year with the full intention of going at least twice. Of course we only ended up making it there once with everything else we had going on. We sure had fun though.

 Love these ladies.

Nora's loved the air tramps and would yell "BOUNCE, BOUNCE" while she jumped on it.

But her favorite part definitely had to be the princess dress up stage. She's a girl after my own heart. Dresses, pink and dancing around. True girl through and through. Silly little things like this melt my heart. I love when she's so full of joy over something.

The day didn't end great though. Sweet Olivia fell and hit her head on the metal wagon and had to get three stitches. At least we got to enjoy a lot of things before she got hurt. Poor girl.


Savannah Roberts said...

I LOVE the last photo. It's my favorite! Glad she's ok though. :( Poor thing.