Wednesday, November 2, 2011

halloween weekend

I know if I don't post these now, it will be Thanksgiving and I'll be wondering if it's too late to post Halloween pictures.

I had so much fun teaching Nora about Halloween this year. She loved ghosts and monsters and especially loved getting her trick-or-treat bucket and learning the meaning behind it. It makes me sad how long we build up for the holiday weekend and how quickly it's over.

We started Friday off by going to Omniture's annual Halloween bash. It never disappoints and Nora was IN. HEAVEN. They had buckets of candy in each department and no matter how many times we only told her one, she would frantically grab handfuls like it was the last time she'd ever see candy in her life.

Then we went and had pizza at Darin's parents and did some more pumpkin carving. It's actually the first time in a long time that I've actually enjoyed the pumpkin carving while I was doing it. Loved spending time with all the family.

On Halloween morning I made a spooky breakfast for my favorite ladies. I wanted to get Nora with a full meal before she indulged in more sugar than she ever has. Another tradition I'd like to keep up in years to come.

Would have liked to get a better picture of the spooky pancake ghosts I made. But it was hard to man the camera, all the food, and serve Nora her food before she had a complete meltdown. I promise all the rest of the ghosts were much cuter than this one. But you get the idea.

Then it was time to get on her costume and go visit all the grandparents. She finally gets to put all she learned about trick-or-treat to use.

She loved going with her cousin Olivia but had a hard time getting down the concept at first. For the first few houses she'd say trick-or-treat and then walk on in to the strangers house. She figured if we were going there then she must know the people.

Getting excited for Nora's birthday and teaching her about the rest of the upcoming Holidays.


preston. shawnee. cohen. said...

Holy halloween bash! That party looks awesome!! I'm so glad you went with the pink pony costume, she looks adorable in it :) And as always.... gorgeous photos of such fun festivities!

Savannah Roberts said...

How cute! I'd love to attend the annual event sometime. The breakfast idea looks amazing!

Heidi Madsen said...

Jess, you are looking SO beautiful in these pictures!!! LOVED the halloween breakfast, LOVE living close! :)