Friday, February 3, 2012

birthday boy.

My guy turns 29 today. He said he's already going through his midlife crisis. Only has one year left in his 20's. We always joke about how you know you're old when all the players on the Jazz are younger than you. I personally, just think he gets better looking with age.
I'm not sure how I got so lucky to get to call this dimple faced boy mine.

By no means is our life perfect, but we have been truly blessed in a lot of ways.

Too many to list here.

I'm just grateful to have married such a hard-working, determined man.
He's truly everything I'm not.
 He's grounded, I'm flighty. He's calm in stressful times, where I'm totally anxiety ridden. Sometimes I wonder how we are even able to get along because of what opposites we are, but somehow it just works.

I've learned throughout our almost 6 years of marriage that I'm not as an affectionate person as I thought I was. Maybe it's time, or maybe it's my personality. It's something I'm continually working on. All I know, is I don't want a day to go by where he doesn't feel my love and appreciation for him.

I joked with him the other night that I didn't know how I'd be able to live with him for another 30 years. The truth is, I'm grateful for every day with him. I know our life is just beginning together. I can't wait to grow our family more, to see how their lives form, to grow old together.

Tonight we're dropping Nora off at my sister's and heading to Park City. Good food, time together and snowboarding. Can't wait to spend a day together with just the two of us.

I love you.

I love you way more than I tell you or show you.

And I don't expect you to know how much because I promise I'm going to make it more apparant every day.

Being someone's first love may be great,
but to be their last is beyond perfect. ♥


Alesha said...

Awe that was a really sweet post! I am the same way with affection...who knew? I would have never thought that of myself before marriage. interesting. and def something I try to work on. Hope he has a good birthday!

Mrs. Osmond said...

Cute post. Your husband seems great, aren't they the best though. 3 cheers for husbands! haha. Anyway happy birthday and the photos are great!

Heidi said...

Great post.