Friday, June 13, 2008

Cupcakes in all their glory...

Darin went out of town on Monday for a few days and so I thought it appropriate to completely divulge myself into doing something totally girly. Since cupcakes are the new rave I decided to try out my own gourmet mini cakes. Alright, alright the batter was made courtesy Betty Crocker, but I did make my own cream cheese frosting. And it was SO good. (Probably because it was made with a stick and a half of cream cheese and 3/4 a stick of butter. Not to mention 2 full cups of heavenly powdered sugar. Good thing I have high metobalism.) It was especially fun putting the frosting on with a pastry bag. They were pretty simple but turned out yummy and semi cute. I'll have to try taking things up a notch on my next Martha Stewart cooking moment.
So then I'm sitting there trying to think of the best way to get a good picture and this insanely brilliant idea pops into my head. "I should put a cupcake on the floor and make Diesel lay by it and pretend like he's sad (because he always looks sad) because he can't have one." So I get them in position and am laying there on my carpet when reality hits me and I realize how completely retarded this is. So I sit there by myself with my dopey dog and crack up hysterically over what I'm doing. I think, "There's no way I'm posting this stupid picture on my blog." But then of course I decided I had to because somebody might actually think it as funny as I did. So here's the picture. I put it in the smallest format to make me feel better about how pathetic I am. =)


Cardwell said...

You're a funny funny girl! The things we do when we're bored... (May I have a cupcake, please?) ;)