Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Love the One You're With......

So I had to read another Emily Giffin book since the last one was good. This one was good although I almost felt like I was sinning just reading it. :)

Ellen, a 30-something NYC photographer, is married to Andy, an "all American," sensitive, handsome, and successful attorney. Ellen and Andy have a "perfect" marriage and to top it off, Andy's younger sister is Ellen's best-friend from college. Ellen couldn't be happier....that is.. until she runs into Leo, the former love of her life who broke her heart 8 years earlier. Leo is charming, funny, and has smoldering good looks that literally make Ellen weak in the knees. So when Leo expresses a renewed interest in Ellen, she is forced to reconcile the strength of her love for Andy (and respect for her marriage) with the passion and yearning she has always felt for Leo....The story really makes you think about love and what makes a successful relationship, including one with a parent, sibling, friend or spouse.

This book really gets your heart a racin and I enjoyed reading it.


The Elder Clan said...

I promise i'm buying that book-it sounds so dang good!! and also, UMMMM, POTTERY BARN???? JESSICA, i think i literally am more obsessed then you, i CAN'T BELIEVE THAT!!! Gosh dang it i'm so freakin jealous. you are going to have thee cutest stuff in your house!! Congrats on that and your condo, i'm sure your loving life without that stress