Monday, June 30, 2008


We got back from our California trip on Saturday which was a lot of fun (I will be posting pics shortly). The Tuesday that we were on our trip I got a call from the agent of the guy who is buying our house. She said they were ready to close (which was a HUGE surprise to us because we didn't think we would be closing until July 10th) So since we weren't even in state we had to have the title company email us the documents and we overnighted them back. But the crazy part about all of it was that we had to be out of our condo by 3pm on SUNDAY! Mind you, that we didn't even get home from Cali until 8pm on Saturday night. So in a matter of about 8 hours we moved and cleaned our entire condo. It was utter ChAoS. I couldn't pack well because we were trying to hurry so fast and now all of our stuff is just scattered everywhere through Darin's parents house. Luckily we have some great family and friends that were there to help us. It was really overwhelming but we are so happy it is over with and now we can start the building process of our new home. I feel so bad for my pup. He's so confused with everything that is going on right now. He was at my Grandmas while we were gone then we get home for one night and all this crazy stuff is happening. He was throwing up all Sunday morning because he was so stressed out. It's really weird how they can sense things that are happening. The poor thing. Anyway I was hoping to get our California pictures up soon but considering I don't even know where my camera is right now, it might take a few days.