Monday, July 14, 2008

New Addition

Ok, here's a recap. This is my best friend ever, Heidi. We have been BFF's since 8th grade when she moved into my neighborhood. So we've done it all; dressing up goofy and running through the mall, sleepovers on school nights, hanging out with all different groups of friends, going to dances together (literally, we went to a dance together once because her date ditched out on her), you name it, we've probably done it together. There were many times we would get mistaken for sisters and even twins. And once, when Heidi died her hair brown, she went home and her mom thought that it was me. We were pretty much inseperable before real life began. So when I joined the ranks of marriage I think she was a little sad. But last December she tied the knot with a beautiful winter wedding. They are in Colorado right now for a summer job but will soon move back to Logan to continue with school. I'm sad because I don't get to see her as much as I used to. But back to the main story. Both of them come from large families and I always knew Heidi would probably get started on the kids early because she wants a large family too. But I was a little shocked when I got a phone call from her about a month ago. We're talking, catching up on everything that's been going on. She tells me that she's coming into town in July and she wants to go to lunch with me (which isn't unusual) but then she just kind of sits there for a minute and says "Well I can't wait that long" and I then I knew "YOU'RE PREGNANT" So I scream and laugh and pretty much cry. And then I ask how far along she is thinking that she's just a few weeks in. "Ummmm about half way. I'm having a girl." More screaming and laughing from me and yelling because I'm mad she waited so long to tell me. I can't complain though because they hadn't told either sets of parents at this point either. It wasn't planned but one of those that's so close to the wedding date you have to count back on your fingers. :) I finally got to see her little belly this weekend when she came in town. I'm so happy and excited for her. I can't wait to meet the new addition! Love you Heidi!


Joe and Rindi said...

I think there's something in the water! Isn't almost everyone pregnant?! Ha ha!

Obergs said...

Everyone but me :)