Friday, July 18, 2008

Permits and my new blog

I know this just looks like a big pile of dirt with a lot of weeds in it......well I guess it is just a big pile of dirt with weeds in it, but it is our big pile of dirt and it was very expensive :) This is our lot. We just found out that they FINALLY have the construction permits back from the city so we are going to have our pre construction meeting on Monday and then they will dig our hole and get started on building the house. I'M SO EXCITED! You bet I'm going to be posting so many pictures of the house as it's being built. In related news to the house, I have been thinking a lot about interior design and how much I love it. So I've created a new blog that I will be posting to regularly with design ideas and such.

The site is I will also post an attachment on the side of this blog. There isn't much to it yet, BUT CHECK IT OUT!


ATH79 said...

I really am so excited for you guys. I remember waiting for our house to be built. It was so much fun going over every week and taking pictures of the progress.