Tuesday, July 22, 2008

True Love Never Dies

I had a friend email me this video about a month ago and now it's popping up all over the internet. I pretty much cry everytime I watch it. This is the story of Christian the lion. Hope ya like it!
Christian was separated from his parents at an early age and put up for sale in a London department store. Christian's parents were zoo lions, the father came from the Rotterdam zoo and the mother from Jerusalem, and they lived at the Ilfracombe zoo. When they had cubs, the zoo sold them, and two cubs went to the department store. Two men, Anthony Bourke and John Rendall, found him there and immediately fell in love with him and were determined to buy him. They scraped together the money and brought the little lion home when he was only a few weeks old. They named him Christian.Tony and John dedicated themselves to giving Christian the best life they could, and the bond that developed between them is a joy to behold. Christian was a remarkable lion, obviously very intelligent and loving, and gentle to everyone, both human and animal.As he grew, Christian began to need bigger facilities than Tony and John could provide, so after much heartache and tears the two men decided to release the lion into a wildlife sanctuary in Africa. They returned a year later after being told that there was no way the lion would remember them. This is the video of the reunitement. Truly touching...


Cardwell said...

That was the sweetest thing ever!!