Thursday, January 1, 2009

Auld Lang Syne

We really enjoyed celebrating the end of 2008 and ringing in 2009 with my family. We had fun playing Guitar Hero World Tour, chowing down on yummy food, singing karaoke, and playing games. But Darin's favorite part of the night was watching his new favorite movie, Mama Mia! Here is dancing to one of his favorite songs with my Aunt Wendy.

I'm being sarcastic. Darin could not stand the movie. I'm actually quite surprised he made it through the whole thing without shooting himself in the face. The poor boy just can't handle such happiness. :) Don't worry Darin, we'll watch some war movie when we get home to make you feel better.

2008 brought both good and bad as is inevitable. We celebrated our 2nd anniversary in May, took trips to California and New York, and started a new chapter of our life by building our home. What a fun process to go through. I know this home is going to be the source of many memories to come. It's nice to know that we'll have a stable place to start and raise a family.

The year also brought some sad as well. The passing of my grandpa was a sudden and very sad thing for my family and the grief is still quite thick at times. It's actually quite a surprise when it does hit you. You'll just be driving in your car, think of a memory and suddenly the tears are flowing. It's normally short, but still hard nonetheless.I mean here I am now, crying over my keyboard, when all I wanted to do was write funny blurbs about Darin and his new obsession with all things Mama Mia. Ha ha. I guess that's how grief rolls through you. Eventually it gets easier and you can think of the good times and smile rather than cry. He was just such a good person and I know the coming years is going to have a void without him there.
I have a good feeling about 2009 though. It's going to be a good year. There's so much I hope to accomplish this year. I'm so grateful for friends and family that helped make 2008 memorable for us.