Sunday, January 4, 2009

This Is Your Life

No matter what else you are doing
From cradle right down to the end
You are writing your life's secret story
Each night a new page is penned.
Each month is the end of a chapter,
Each year the end of a part,
And never a word is misstated
Not even a wish of the heart.

Each morn when you wake the book opens,
Revealing a page clean and white,
each though, each word, and each act,
Reveal on its pages by night.

God leaves that to you, you're the writer
And never a word will be dimmed
Until some day you write the word "Finish"
And give the book back to him.

What a great poem and wise words. Although there are things that enter your life that you obviously have no control over, for the most part, you create your life. You have complete control over your happiness. As I look back over the last year I can't help but think how blessed I am. We have a beautiful new home, friends and family that love us and the gospel in our lives to lead and direct us. But every day I'd leave my job and think that something is missing. My job is great, and don't get me wrong, I'm so grateful to even have one in these economic hard times but I don't wake up each morning excited to go to work. I understand that the majority of people aren't happy to go to work, but I constantly ask myself "Why can't I find joy in the work I do each day? Don't I have that right?" And so I present my new baby.

This was my gift from Darin this Christmas (He's such a good man.) I've always loved taking pictures and capturing the precious moments of different occasions and now I can really do it. (My last cameras batteries would seriously not last longer than 2 minutes on a full charge) I'm learning so much already about photography and I look forward to this coming year to keep learning and growing in the field. Classes I'll be taking, books I've been reading, and hopefully your pictures I'll be taking. Keep watch over the next few months for special deals. And I challenge you (my friends, my future children or grandchildren) Go for something you really want. Don't be afraid to try something new because it could be your niche. And who cares if it's not? Maybe you'll have fun learning in the process!


Teandra said...

I agree! Love the post and good luck with your photography endeavor. We have a business opportunity that you would love and that provides financial freedom or just 'extra' income and is not something that you have to "go to" everyday. Let me know if you want more details.