Thursday, January 1, 2009

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

It was a Christmas of puppies for me. I was in complete Heaven. No, my little guy didn't get a new house mate. But he does have lots of new friends to play with now. My sister, Elisha, got a 6 week old pug terrier mix for Christmas. She was so cute! Tiny but fiesty. Diesel just loves little babies and little puppies. He was always going over to where my sister was holding her to make sure she was still there and she was ok. Sometimes he'd get a little rough, a little to rambunctious with his nose, and lift her bum into the air with his snout because he just really wanted to get a good smell.

Darin's parents got a labrador golden retreiver mix. I went with his mom to pick the one out. They were all such cute little fuzzballs. But we decided on one. I was trying so hard to get a good picture of him, and when he finally held still long enough for me to take a picture, I realized it was only because he was pooping.

But he's so cute, pooping or not, that I didn't even mind. They named him Dakota and Diesel just loves him. But, the puppies teeth are pretty sharp, and Diesels ears are pretty long, it's not a good mix. The puppy was always biting them. Diesel would never bite back of course but he sure didn't like it.
We spend New Year's Eve with my family and really had a good time. We watched Mamma Mia, it was Darin's favorite movie of all time. (Kidding, he actually wanted to kill himself the whole time). These are my Aunts teasing Darin about the movie. We played Rock Band, and sang karaoke, and ate lots of yummy food.
And when the clock struck 12:00 we shared a kiss, created some racket with pots and pans, lit off a few firecrackers and went home to dream of the year to come.


Dartay said...

Cute little puppies! Nothing cuter then those dogs! Diesel looks so sweet with those big eyes! Hope you had a great Holiday, see ya at Bunco next week!